Chemical sheets and thermoplastic sheets are used for toe-puffs & counters. Chemical sheets are solvent-activated and have to be immersed in methylbenzene to become adhesive. Thermoplastic sheets are thermo-activated and have only to be heated to 80-85 degrees Celsius to become adhesive. ToePuff's are easy to be processed, non-toxic and environmental friendly.Toepuff and seat stiffeners for all types of footwear are made available here from the widest selection of materials technologies available for this application anywhere in the world today.

We are agents of FORESTALI ITALY and MAGICA for toe puffs and counter sheet. Both the companies are pioneers in the fields.

  Size: 1.00×1.5 Meter
  Good viscosity, no leafing will happen after fit.
  High tensile strength and peel strength
  Good toughness and flexibility
  Shoe industry: Mainly for inner linings of leather shoes and other types  
    of shoes (shoe front end and heelpiece) for type setting.
  Case & bag industry : Used for inner linings of leather cases, handbags
    and wallets.
  Features :
  Material TPU (thermoplastic polyurethanes)
  Colors available : white, green, blue
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